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Facial Trio was created for all skin types specifically those struggling with dull skin, aging, dry or oily skin, or simply needing to refresh and restart.

What's included:

Indian Black Facial Soap -  Good for all skin types. hydrates and nourishes the skin. Clears up blemishes, acne and rashes. perfect for maskne issues. 


Botanical Facial - A non-abrasive cleansr, exfoliant and mask. Helps undo damage done by pollution, UV rays and chemicals. removes dead skin without being so abrasive on the skin or stripping it from its natural oils. leaving your skin soft and luminous.


Coffee Eye Serum: Give your eyes and instant wake-up call with our coffee eye serum. Improving the skins texture. Coffee works to lighten up dark circles and unpuff the eyes. Pop-it in the fridge to a cooling effect. 

Facial Trio

PriceFrom $68.00
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