The dynamic duo. This set is the holy grail of skin cleansing care, working hand in hand to provide you with the best skin you've ever had. 

Indian black soap works to cleanse the skin on the surface and deep within.  Helps deminish blemishes, acne, rashers  and dark spots - as well as fine wrinkles and dry rough skin.

Botanical facial highly nourishes and moisturizes the skin without stripping its natural oils. Leaving you with a dewy fresh luminous glow. 


Always in glass eco-conscious container

Facial Care duo

PriceFrom $30.00
  • Wet face and wash with the Indian Black soap. once done washing face leave skin fairly damp and start the botanical facial process. 

    Scoop out botanical facial on a container or palm and add a few drop of the liquid of your choice (i.e: water, milk, almond milk). Mix together to make a soft to medium consistency. Apply it on the face and start the exfoliation process (this part can get messy, have fun with it) exfoliate in circular motion. once done, let the Botanical Facial sit on face for 5-30 mins for this part is optional but worth it. once time is up, rinse face, pat dry and moisturize.