Our CBD Salve is made with Arnica Flower Oil, know for its amazing properties for pain, aches, sprains, bruises, muscles spasms, arthritis and anti-inflamatory properties. Infused with CBD an extract made from hemp that can offer relief from chronic pain. Also Menthol not only know for its cooling effect but also opens up the blood vessels helping all of the medicinal properties to penetrating deep into the tissue, targeting affected areas.


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CBD Salve 500mg

PriceFrom $47.00
  • Use desire amount on desired area. simply rub on and allow it do its job.  To be used topically only.

    May be used on any part of the body externally.

  • You will feel a cooling and warming sensation. this is the process of opening your pores and vessels allowing the botanical goodness to penetrate deep into the body. whether you're using it for muscular pain or arthritis pain you will soon forget you had any of it.