Our CBD Salve is made with Arnica Flower Oil, know for its amazing properties for pain, aches, sprains, bruises, muscles spasms, arthritis and anti-inflamatory properties. Infused with CBD an extract made from hemp that can offer relief from chronic pain. Also Menthol not only know for its cooling effect but also opens up the blood vessels helping all of the medicinal properties to penetrating deep into the tissue, targeting affected area


****For those looking for a non CBD option we do have Pain Relief Salve. Has all the same botanical medicinal properties without CBD


Eukathol: Eucalyptus and menthol have an amazing scent and cooling effect but also help with pain and inflamation.


Lavender Lemon: Known for its calming and relaxing scent and effect also known to help with pain and inflamation. Also alleviates minor cuts, burns and bug bites.



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CBD Salve