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Introducing our Botanical Facial Scrub/Mask: Your Gentle, Nourishing Solution for Radiant Skin

Discover the perfect harmony of nature and skincare with our Botanical Facial Scrub/Mask. Whether you have sensitive skin or simply seek a natural, non-abrasive solution, your search ends here.


Reveal the beauty within. Embrace nature's touch. Try our Botanical Facial Scrub/Mask today and unveil a naturally radiant you.


Discover the gentle yet effective power of botanicals in your skincare journey. embrace the beauty of nature's care.


  • After washing face, scoop out a small amount onto palm, add water to make a medium to thick paste. apply to face and scrub in circular motion. after scrubbing let it sit for about 5-15 minutes (this part is optional but worth it at least once a week) once done simply wash off, pat dry and continue your daily regiment.

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