The Full Moon is a time of abundance, fertility and light, calling upon us to celebrate and dance in the lunar glow. During this time, we are invited to bask in the delight of our manifestations having come to fruition. We also become clear on what no longer serves us, preparing to release and let go when the moon begins to wane.


This Full Moon Ritual set includes a 16 oz Himalayan Bath Soak, 8 oz Body Scrub and a roll on perfume. Charged with reiki energy for your highest good. 


How to use: Fill your tub with warm water, light a few candles, burn some sage  to remove all bad energies and give you that fresh start. Burn palo santo to welcome all good energies. As your tub is filling up set your intentions "I release the things that no longer serve me and that are preventing me from manifesting my intentions i welcome all good energy, health and wealth" Add Himalayan Bath Soak and immerse yourself into the water. Close your eyes, see a white light come from the universe into you, releasing your body from all that no longer serves you through your pores. Leaving nothing but that white protective light in you, vibrating with health, and abundance in all aspects of your life. stay in bath for as long as you feel necessary. Once you're done you can drain your tub and carefully get up and start scrubing your body with the Body Scrub, removing any lingering unnecessary vibration and all the dead skin, leaving behind what no longer serves us and to open your heart to received and manifest abundance. Pat dry, and give your appreciation. Finish off by applying the roll on perfume, taking in a few deep breathes.

(palo santo included)


Full Moon Ritual